Our Story


It all started with 2 mommies, Daphne and Daniela, who were struggling to find interesting toys that were functional, long-lasting and didn’t look like junk for their girls, Astrid and Josefina (BFF since they were 4 months old!), and always ended up shipping toys with hefty shipment costs from various places in Europe.

Throughout the years (both Astrid and Josefina are now 4.5 years old and Astrid has a baby sister, Klara, who’s 2.5 years old as well), being the ”nice toys” search ninjas especially when they were back in Europe (Daniela is from Switzerland and Daphne’s husband is from Sweden), they have decided to be the curator to bring these sustainably made, beautiful toys in Singapore, so more mommies like them could get toys that are not only of quality, fun but could complement one’s home. (Astrid and Klara are playing with some of their dad’s toys from over 40 years ago from Sweden…!)