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Happy kids. Happier parents.

When your child’s toys blend seamlessly into your home décor, there’s no real need in putting them away. 

Why Hoppi Loppi?

Simple and elegantly designed, the toys that we curate need to be safe for kids, and have a timeless, sustainable quality that can be passed on to the next generation.  

Meticulously sourced from Europe and Scandinavia, our collections cover sleep, eat and play from newborns to early teens. From baby teethers, rattles, toddler walkers, toy prams, doctors’ kits, hair styling sets and even complex marble runs, you can find pretty much anything to entertain and challenge your little ones’ creativity and problem-solving skills, or perhaps yours too! A few popular brands like OYOY, Kid’s Concept, Ooh Noo, Cuboro and Jabadabado may ring a bell.  

While toys are always everywhere in the house, there’s no need to hide them now that they blend seamlessly into your home and can grow with your kids. 

Joy is when play looks beautiful too.