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Wooden Table BBQ Grill

Wooden Table BBQ Grill

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The wooden table grill is compatible with both charcoal and gas ...! You can place the three round pieces of charcoal under the grill, or simply just turn it on and adjust the heat with the knob on the front. Don’t forget to press the small on/off switch that's give a clicking sound when the gas is turned on, just like a natural gas grill.

Make a spicy rotisserie chicken on the rotating skewer — or maybe some sausages? The chicken wings can be removed and attached with Velcro.

The table grill set includes:

- Chicken with detachable parts

- 1 rotating skewer

- 2 skewers

- 2 sausages

- 2 tomato slices

- 2 mushrooms

- 2 slices of red onion

- 3 round charcoal pieces

- Salt & pepper jar

- Mustard jar

- Barbecue tong and turner

The holes in the vegetables make it easy to thread them on the wooden skewer. The salt, pepper, and mustard jar all have removable lids. Use the barbecue tongs and turner to turn the food when grilling. While providing so much fun and stimulating children's imagination, it may even train them to be a good chef from an early age!


Grill with rotisserie: linden plywood, schima
Tomato, sausage, salt, pepper, jar, grill skewers: schima
Tong: linden plywood, beech, polyester Red onion, mushroom, coal bricks: MDF Chicken: schima, nylon
Salmon: linden plywood
Spatula: beech
Paint: water-based color


Chicken: L12 x W6 x H4 cm | Salmon: L7 xW9 x H1.5 cm | Sausage: L7 x W1 x H1 cm | Mushroom, red onion, and coal bricks: L4 x W4 x H1 cm | Tomato: L4 x W4 x H2.5 cm | Jar: L7.5 x W5 x H5 cm | Salt and pepper: L4 x W4 x H3 cm

Care Instructions

Clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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    Great quality toy and just so fun

    My son LOVES this BBQ grill set and he's been cooking everyday since we've gotten this for him for Christmas.