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Kid's Concept

City Rug with Lake

City Rug with Lake

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A whole world on a mat? Not really, but at least part of the landscape in Aiden City. But now we have to hurry because the boat is leaving soon. Put on your seatbelt and drive down to the port where the ferry is waiting. Then you have to steer the ferry to safely take all the passengers over to the other side, where everything is ready for swimming and a picnic.

This is the perfect play mat for children who love cars and boats. It has roads, trees, a green area, a beach, lakes, signs, and parking spaces that make for hours of fun playtime.

The size of the rug is 130x160 cm, which means that both siblings and their friends have room to play together.




170cm (L) x 130cm (W) x 0.5cm (H)

Care Instructions

Vacuum and rotate the rug regularly for even wear. Use a rug underlay with antislip to prevent the rug from sliding.
Cleaning: always use the floor nozzle, never a rotating brush, when vacuuming the rug. Remove stains immediately for best effect.
Dry stains: remove immediately by carefully scraping at the stain. Scrape towards the middle of the stain, then vacuum.
Wet stains: absorb the stain with kitchen roll or a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Do not rub at the stain but simply press against it with the damp cloth clean the cloth and repeat. Dry flat. Air out the rug regularly to reduce dust and mites. Do not expose the rug to direct sunlight.
For different types of extra difficult stains there are various stain removal techniques, consult a specialist or look for information online.

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