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Wooden Double Decker Bus

Wooden Double Decker Bus

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Hop on board! Take a seat on the double decker around the house. This bus in FSC-certified wood comes with seven passengers and a bus driver. The floor of the top deck can be removed to take out the figures.


Double decker: pine, plywood Floor: MDF
Axle: stainless steel
People, wheels: schima
Paint type: water-based color


Bus: L25 x W12 x H20 cm | Passengers: L6.5 x W3.5 cm

Care Instructions

Clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Wheels can be lubricated using a food-grade paraffin oil or linseed oil.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Beautifully designed wooden bus toy

    Our almost-two toddler has been super into buses lately. She’d ask me to sing (and dance) “wheels on the bus” on repeat all day long which is why we decided to get her this bus as a surprise. It’s one of the best feelings in the world as a parent to see that kind of joy in your kid’s eyes.

    What I love about it is that it’s not just a wooden bus toy with distinct characters and their backstories (so it is suitable for a wide range of age groups) but it is also so nicely designed and made with such high quality craftsmanship it compliments the decor of the home.

    I really appreciate that Hoppi Loppi has brought such a nice selection of toys to Singapore. The entire shopping experience on the website was smooth and I receive my order in no time. I would highly recommend giving this toy bus and Hoppi Loppi a try!

    For the little bus lover in your life

    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my little one who is a HUGE fan of buses (I think 'bus' was his 3rd or 4th word). It was definitely an instant favourite. He's been playing with it every day, ever since.

    The bus feels solidly built. I appreciate that the quality of the wood is a high standard and feel assured that there'll be no breakages or splinters.

    Each passenger, and the driver, comes with a name and a persona. So when we play together, I'm able to give a persona to the passengers and describe their reason for getting on/off the bus. Placing the passengers in and out of the bus are helping with his fine motor skills. The passengers can be played with on their own too. (He loves these small wooden people too)

    I'd recommend this to anyone whose little one is really into buses.