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Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

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All the letters of the alphabet in their very own sack. On top of that, there are the numbers 0-9, too. Your little one can stack them, count them, learn the letters and spell the first word.

These minimalist alphabet blocks are made of solid wood and not treated with anything. Their colour can vary a bit along with the natural colour variation of solid wood.




Blocks: L5.5 x W5.5 x H5.5 cm (each) | Sack: L32 x W32 cm

Care Instructions

The blocks are made of solid wood without any treatment. You can remove general grime by wiping the blocks with a damp cloth. However, if the blocks get dunked in watercolour or meat stew, those stains will be difficult to remove.

The sack is a different matter. You can throw it in the wash and be merciless with it.

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